What To Do When You Have A Windshield Replacement

When you get a windshield replacement done on your vehicle, it is important to follow a few rules to make sure you are handling it properly. The best way to protect your investment in the windshield replacement is to follow a few guidelines that are recommended by your windshield replacement company. Here are a few key tips the windshield replacement services want you to remember.

Give it Time

Before you drive your vehicle with a new windshield replacement, you need to make sure you have given it plenty of time to dry. The adhesive used to install a windshield has to sit and dry before you are able to drive the car again. Your windshield replacement services will usually ask you to wait at least one hour before operating the vehicle, but depending on the adhesive used this time might vary. If your glass company does not tell you a specific wait time, be sure to ask to make sure you're as safe as possible.

Leave the Tape

The first thing you will probably want to do when you get your vehicle back from the windshield replacement services is to take the tape off. Do not do this! The purpose of the tape is to help keep the windshield in place and to protect it from any weather that might happen while you are driving in the first few days. After about 1-2 days of having your windshield replacement, it is safe to take the tape off. 

Avoid the Carwash

It is not safe to take a vehicle with a fresh windshield replacement to a car wash. The water and pressure applied to a windshield that has not had the proper time to set could be devastating to car owners. If you absolutely need to wash your car, you can safely do so by a soft hand washing, but never take it to an automated car wash service. After a few days, it is safe to return to your regular car washing habits once the adhesive has had plenty of time to settle and dry.

Be Gentle

Your new windshield replacement needs to be handled with care if you want to protect your investment. When getting in and out of your vehicle, try to not slam the doors as it might cause the windshield to shift from the desired location. If you are able to take an alternate route to avoid a bumpy road, you might consider doing so until your windshield has completely dried. To learn more information about windshield replacement, reach out to a company such as Martin Glass Company.

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