Choosing New Glass For Your Windows

Homeowners will often find themselves in a position of needing to have some of their glass replaced. While replacing the glass in their windows can be a major project, it is important to avoid becoming overwhelmed and ensure that you are thoroughly evaluating the potential types of glass that you are considering installing.

The Impact Rating Of The Glass

Exterior windows will often have to withstand the brunt force of strong impacts. While homeowners will often associate impact-resistant windows with homes needing protection from hurricanes, it is a reality that every home can benefit from windows capable of withstanding strong impacts from debris. Luckily, residential glass providers will be able to provide the impact ratings for the panes of glass that they are selling. This can allow you to ensure you are choosing a strong type of glass to use in your home's exterior windows.


Windows can be one of the leading sources of heat gain or loss for most homes. Reviewing the energy-efficiency of any panes of glass that you are wanting to install will be another key factor to review. There are a number of factors that can influence the amount of heat that is able to pass through a window. For the best results, a homeowner will want to opt for dual-paned windows that have an insulating gas between the panes. These glass solutions will be able to block most of the heat transfer that would otherwise occur, which can help to keep your home's interior comfortable. An experienced residential glass service will be able to help you assess the glass options so that you are sure to choose the one that will provide the best energy-efficiency.

Tinted Or Clear Glass

Depending on the location of the window and the privacy that it can offer, you may wish to invest in having it tinted. A dark tint on your windows can help to protect the privacy of those inside, which can be useful when you have sides of your home that face busy roads or other areas where a large number of people may pass. Luckily, it can be a simple process to apply a window tint once the glass has been completely installed. It can still be advisable to have a professional apply the tint. Otherwise, it could be easy to accidentally leave wrinkles or air pockets in the tint, which could impact the aesthetics of the window while making it harder for you to see outside.

For more information, contact a glass service in your area.

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