3 Types Of Auto Glass Rock Chip Damages Every Driver Needs To Know About

A rock can become airborne and strike windshields. Sometimes this can result in rock chips to the windshields of vehicles that are traveling behind. Airborne rocks that strike windshields can create dangerous circumstances because these incidents can startle unsuspecting drivers. The drivers who contribute to these acts do not knowingly cause the problem and will likely continue to travel.

Some incidents will result in damages to the auto glass from the impact of the rocks. Savvy drivers will not ignore these damages or underestimate the possibility of them getting worse if windshield rock chip services are not performed. Some types of rock chip damages may require windshield replacement services. The following points will help you to understand more about the types of rock chip damages. 

Full Bullseye Shape

This distinct type of windshield damage will appear as a dark circle in the exact location that the flying debris made contact with the windshield. It is referred to as a bullseye because rings appear around the darkened circle. Because of the discoloration, this damage can get repairs and reduce the chances of the damage getting worse, but the color darkened area will likely remain. 

Partial Bullseye Shape

This type of damage will resemble a half-moon in appearance. There will be a full dark circle, but it will contain a semi-circle within the full circle instead of rings around the damage. It will look similar to the full bullseye damage as far as the darkened portion of the circle is concerned.

Star Shape

Rock chip repairs of this type will have an obvious point of contact with tiny lines radiating outwards that mimic rays emitting from a star. The tiny cracks may not the same length. If one or more of the cracks extends over a significant portion of the windshield, it could represent a complex rock chip. An auto glass technician might recommend replacing the glass depending on the complexity of the breaks in the glass. 

An auto glass repair shop is a good resource to use to understand more about auto glass rock chip repair. Some of these companies offer mobile services, which means that they can travel to you and inspect your windshield. If the damages can get repaired, they can complete it. This is an ideal solution because many drivers blame lack of time or being busy as their reasons for not addressing rock chip damages. 

For more information about glass rock chip repair, contact a local auto shop.

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