The Benefits Of Adding A Frameless Shower Door To Your Bathroom Remodel Plans

If you are currently in the process of planning a bathroom remodeling job in your home, you are most likely making decisions regarding the fixtures, lighting, flooring, and color scheme you want to include in the final outcome. The bath and/or shower area is usually the focal point of a bathroom. For this reason, the curtain or door you select can make an impact on the overall look of the room. Here are some benefits you will obtain if you decide to incorporate a frameless shower door in this room.

Any Door Size Is Possible

With a traditional shower door, you are limited regarding the dimensions you can order from a supplier. These usually come in standard sizes and may cause the need for some handiwork with the use of special hardware to have them fit properly. With a frameless shower door, however, you have the option to have glass doors created in any size you desire. The doors are custom-made and are wonderful additions for spaces that are in corners or those that smaller than traditional door sizes.

Cleanup Is A Breeze

A frameless shower door is extremely easy to clean as it consists of only glass. With a traditional shower door, you have to clean all the nooks and crannies around the framework, in addition to the glass itself. This requires additional tools and a few different cleaning agents to get the job done properly. A frameless shower door only requires a cleanser and a squeegee to remove debris within minutes. An extra bonus is that mildew buildup is decreased with this type of door as there are no areas for it to accumulate.

Space Looks Bigger Than It Is

A frameless shower door allows you to view the entire showering area without obstructions of any type. This means your eyes will gaze upon the featured area without distraction. When this occurs, it provides the illusion of additional space. If you have a smaller bathroom or if you want to make your existing shower area look expansive, a frameless door will do the trick.

The Area Will Allow For Light To Shine Through

A frameless shower door allows for both natural and artificial lighting to seep into the shower area without difficulty. If your bathroom feels dark, the addition of this type of door will brighten it substantially. This also will also help in making the room feel larger.

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