4 Kinds Of Windshield Damage You Should Never Ignore

Your car's windshield offers much-needed structural support to the rest of the body. It is also a source of critical protection for you and your passengers. Therefore, your safety on the road is at risk if the windshield suffers any damage or cracks.

Unfortunately, many car owners brush aside auto glass repair until the damage worsens. It is advisable to handle minor chips and cracks in your windshield immediately to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future. This article looks at four types of windshield issues that you should never ignore.

Star-Shaped Breaks

Many vehicle owners experience these cracks at one point in time. They are small and take the shape of tentacles. You can have them repaired if the damage is relatively small in diameter. However, if it spreads to cover a wider part of the screen, it is best to replace them.

Cracks on the Ends

Edge cracking occurs at least a couple of inches from the ending of the windshield and spreads towards the end of the panel. They are the result of placing excessive weight around the edges of your windshield. Typically, the crack will extend for several inches towards the end of the glass. They are long, and they expand when you apply minimal pressure on the windshield. It is advisable to visit an auto glass specialist as soon as you notice edge cracks to prevent further damage.

Cracks That Resemble a Bullseye

Your windshield might also get cracks that resemble a bullseye. These have a definite round center point. Your vehicle will get such a crack from getting hit by a hard rounded object. The bullseye crack will affect your vision on the road since there is a circular damaged part. Also, when you apply too much pressure, this crack will spread and cover a more extensive portion. You can only make repairs on these cracks if they are quite small. Ensure they are not in the driver's direct vision line. If the bull's eye crack is large, you should consider replacing the entire glass.

Floating Cracks

These resemble the edge cracks but form at the center instead of affecting the edge of the windshield. They can result from factors such as dramatic increases in the temperature.

For more information, contact an auto glass repair service. The expert will assess the extent of the damage on your screen and determine whether to repair or replace it. Schedule an appointment and maintain your glass in excellent condition.

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