4 Key Factors To Consider When Installing Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

If you want to remodel your bathroom, you might want to plan before diving into the project. Installing a glass shower enclosure can add sophistication and class to your new bathroom space. If this is an unfamiliar topic, this piece can guide you. Read on to learn the essential considerations to remember when installing a glass shower enclosure.

1. Consider the Available Space

Frameless glass shower enclosures virtually make spaces bigger. However, you'll need to work with whatever space you have without limiting the door's functionality. You need to take the measurements of your shower space with a contractor's help before you order the shower enclosure. Start evaluating different types of designs that will fit in your current space. If your budget and space allow, you can go big and choose a bathtub and shower combination. Ensure you have an expert to guide you in selecting the right enclosures and relevant fixtures.

2. Choose a Preferred Design and Style

You will find many frameless shower enclosure designs in the market. For example, you can choose the bypass shower style that allows both glass panels to slide past each other. They are mostly ideal for the bathroom with minimal space.

Pivot and hinged doors are also classic picks that do well with standalone shower enclosures. The dimensions must be accurate to avoid functionality issues. Do your homework and consult with the contractor to help you choose the right frameless enclosure style.

3. Have a Realistic Budget

The frameless glass shower enclosure will consume a significant portion of your bathroom renovation budget. It is important to go for something that suits your current financial muscle. Thankfully, the market has tons of varieties to choose from.

Besides paying for the shower door, you'll need to cater to labor and logistics costs. It's important to include hardware like rails and towel bars. Generally, enclosures with unique patterns and extra features are more expensive. Work with your contractor to help you find something that matches your budget.

4. Select the Glass Type

Safety is a common concern among homeowners opting to install frameless glass shower enclosures. It is crucial to note that most enclosures are designed with safety glazing. The glass shatters into pellets instead of sharp shards that can injure you when it breaks. The enclosures come in numerous patterns and designs. Laminated glass offers an additional layer of protection, while frosted options improve privacy. You could choose clear glass to maintain a seamless light flow.

When ready to install frameless shower enclosures, search for a qualified contractor to help you choose the right frameless glass shower enclosure. You can never go wrong with glass shower enclosures, especially if you work with reliable installation contractors.

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