Questions To Ask When Calling An Auto Glass Repair Company For Service

While most drivers hope they never have a windshield or window break, the truth is that glass damage does happen quite often. If your windshield or windows do become damaged, you will need to call a glass repair company and schedule an appointment. Here are some questions to ask as you speak with the glass company's representative.

Does the company offer mobile services?

Some glass companies offer service at their shop. Others offer mobile services; they bring the repair equipment to you and repair your vehicle on-site. Still, other glass repair shops offer both types of service. However, they may assume you want to bring your car into the shop for service unless you tell them otherwise. Ask whether the repair shop offers mobile services. Once you know the answer, you can decide which option is most convenient for you.

Will the company work with your insurance company?

If you have car insurance, it may cover glass repair. Some auto glass repair companies will work directly with your insurance company. In other words, they will bill your insurance company and receive payment directly from them. Other auto glass companies won't work with insurance companies. So, if you want to apply insurance dollars to the repairs, you will have to pay out of pocket and then ask the insurance company to reimburse you. It is more convenient when the repair company and insurer can work together, but if you really like a certain auto glass company, it's worth hiring them even if you have to deal with the insurance company yourself.

Will the company replace the glass, if needed?

Some breaks and cracks in the auto glass can be repaired. Others are hard to repair, and replacing the glass may be easier and less costly. Ask the company if they are prepared to replace the glass if it's determined that is the best approach. Most auto glass companies are willing and able to replace the glass when needed, but some only do repairs. So, it is worth asking this question so you know what your options are, going into it.

If you need to have your auto glass repaired, don't hesitate to call a few companies and ask them the questions above. You can then listen to the answers, compare the services the companies offer, and select the glass repair company that best suits your needs. In most areas, you have plenty of choices.

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