How To Choose Shower Doors: 3 Questions To Ask

Which shower doors are the best choice for your bathroom renovation project? Whether you're removing a tub-and-curtain arrangement, adding a brand-new stall shower, or just want to replace the existing glass shower doors, take a look at the questions to ask before you invest in an upgrade. 

Frames or Frameless?

What are the differences between these two types of doors? It's all in the name. As the name implies, framed shower doors have frames (heavy-duty aluminum) around the glass. Likewise, frameless doors are exactly what the name sounds like. These doors don't have an aluminum frame surrounding the glass.

Each type of glass door has pros and cons. Frames can provide greater stability, are economical, decrease the likelihood of leaks, and add an extra embellishment (the shiny metallic frame). While framed doors do have benefits, some homeowners prefer the sleek, modern look of a frameless model. Along with a contemporary aesthetic, frameless doors have a wider range of motion, add a sense of space to a smaller bathroom, and let more light into the shower area.

Sliding or Hinged?

Frames aren't the only shower door decision that you will need to make. You will also need to decide how you want the door to open. Sliding doors use a track system and panels of glass, while hinged doors (as the name states) have hinges at the seams. A sliding door is perfect for a slim or narrow shower space or for a bathroom that doesn't have the square footage for a hinged door to open completely. 

A hinged or pivoting door eliminates the need for a track, adding a fresh, clean, modern look to the shower area. A hinged door may fit better with a frameless shower design (compared to a sliding door). But you can choose a pivoting door with framed glass. 

Custom Cut or Stock?

Should you choose a custom-designed piece of glass or a stock shower enclosure? A custom-cut door is the best option for hard-to-fit shower spaces. Narrow, extra-wide, tall, and short showers along with spaces that have slanted or rounded wall-ceiling joints may not work well with standard stock doors that you could buy directly from a retailer or in a big box store.

Not only can custom-cut glass fit into almost any shower space, but this option also gives you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind, high-quality door. These doors are made by skilled contractors who have extensive knowledge of glass-cutting techniques and years of experience in the industry. For more information on shower doors, contact a professional near you.

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