4 Reasons To Switch To Frameless Shower Doors When You Renovate Your Bathroom

When it's time to remodel your bathroom, consider switching to frameless shower doors. These doors are much more attractive than shower curtains or doors in aluminum tracks. They can be installed in walk-in showers as well as on showers that are in tubs. Here are four reasons to make the switch to frameless shower doors.

1. The Doors Are Easy To Clean

It's a good idea to keep a squeegee handy so you can dry off the glass when you finish showering. This keeps the glass crystal clear and prevents mineral stains from forming. Since there is no track in the way, the glass doors are easy to clean, and that can make your life much easier, especially if you hate to clean your tub and shower area due to mineral scale buildup in the tracks.

With no tracks, water can't collect in them, evaporate, and leave mineral stains behind that build up and make your shower a nightmare to clean.

2. Mold Isn't As Much Of An Issue

Mold and mildew are constant threats in a bathroom since humidity is often high. However, since there are very few places on frameless shower doors to hold water, there are fewer places for mold to grow. Mold often grows in crevices and corners on your tub, shower, and aluminum track.

Frameless shower doors are connected with clips instead of a track, so there isn't a good place for mold to start growing around the door.

3. Frameless Glass Doors Can Be Custom Made

If your bathroom is an odd shape or if you have to squeeze your new shower into a tight space, you'll be able to have a custom frameless glass door made that fits the space perfectly. Plus, you can leave off a door or get a door that opens to the inside if there isn't enough space to open the door outward.

Frameless glass is ideal for small showers since the glass lets in plenty of light so you feel like you have more space when showering. The lit shower makes your whole bathroom look bigger too since the glass is nearly invisible.

4. Frameless Doors Have A Modern Look

A shower curtain or aluminum track can give your bathroom a dated look, which is what you want to avoid when you renovate. Frameless glass allows you to see inside the shower so the beauty of the tile is easily visible.

If you'll be installing marble tile or another type of high-quality tile with visual appeal, you might enjoy the way a frameless door lets you enjoy looking inside the shower rather than having the beautiful space hidden behind a shower curtain.

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